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We like to play with ideas, and make them into a reality. WE develop ideas, and work with them, to convert them into a market fit, viable MVP.  WE find ways to get these ideas integrated into places, where they will have a life of their own and let them grow. 

If you have an idea and are struggling to shape it, we are your people. 

If you want someone to find a home to your idea, find a team that will be your founding team to shape it, while you pursue other interests, we are your team

We will take your idea a distance or we can give you our idea to solve a problem

We are your IDEA factory, and we are your own consulting firm that will make your ideas happen, not just talk about it.

Reach out to know more

Set up time with our team to share your idea and if we can contribute and integrate you in our incubation program. 

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