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Creating a better future with brands built around sustainability  


Our current environment warrants us to rethink about our consumption and lifestyle choices in many ways. The ecological & health ills of our time and mankind’s slow pace towards figuring out what’s good for nature is good for us is worrying.

We often think about how so many people want to do better for the world, but yet their consumption and purchase behaviour belies their desire to do so.

We think there is a gap between 'INTENTION and ACTION'. 


With the hope of normalcy in our hearts, fact is that we only have so much time to have companies into sustainable product and service solutions be at the forefront of redefining growth — and working towards making regenerative, equitable solutions for us and our world, become more mainstream than ever.


Which is why at Next Leap, we have made it our mission to passionately work towards driving real change when it comes to consumer behaviour towards sustainable consumption. Working with brands who focus on responsible sourcing and ecological sustainability, is responsibility we don’t take lightly.


We use our learnings from behavioural science to nudge and encourage many towards making the right product choices, for every part of their lifestyle, homes to offices and beyond.

We seek to create a platform of where sustainable goods and services are sold, where people get to make a positive impact every time they buy, helping themselves and this world do better.


We are always looking for interns and volunteers to be a part of this initiative. 

Pl drop in a note to  if you are interested in any of the initiatives listed below. 


Consumer  Behaviour

Lead: Prachi Tiwari, Kanika Singal

Understanding and leveraging specific triggers to drive behavioural change that would help bridge the gap between intention and action for sustainable products and services.

Election Campaign

Brand Outreach

Lead- Prachi Tiwari, Kanika Singal

Enable and empower companies to create compelling brand stories and experiences to drive sales for sustainable brands. Help drive customer acquisition, brand consideration, purchase and engagement for relevant offerings.


Impact Metrics

Lead - Kanika SIngal

Calculating the monetary and other tangible impact of the investing and marketing a sustainable product/ services-ESG metrics.

Green Consumer Key Visual-1.jpg

Market Research

Lead- Kanika Singal, Prachi Tiwari

Data, benchmarks, case examples, stories that help in building business cases for use of sustainable products.

Join us on a journey to a better future! For all the latest ideas, brands, strategies and practices  in the world of sustainability.

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